About V-Preca

Issued immediately - No Application Screening!
Internet-only Visa Prepaid Card

A prepaid card you can use like a credit card at Visa-affiliated online stores.
That is V-Preca.

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Buy V-Preca

Whether over the Internet or at a convenience store
You can buy immediately
Whenever you want

Card information will be issued on the website as soon as you complete procedures online or at a convenience store.
No cumbersome screening or identity checks are required.

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Use V-Preca

Online shopping
Online games

Just enter your V-Preca card information,
as if you were using a credit card.
You can immediately start enjoying content on the Internet.

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V-Preca Gift

V-Preca Gift Registration is not required!!!!

Purchase at a convenience store and use straight away.
You can use it in the same way as V-Preca!

V-Preca Gift

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How to Use MyPage

You can check
or Security
on MyPage

Not only can you check your history of use,
you can also lock your card,
or change your card number with ease.
Why not register for free first?

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