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By logging into your members’ page (MyPage), you can access a variety of convenient V-Preca functions, such as purchase and balance confirmation.

  • Go to the Log in page

    Access the Log in page by clicking the "Log in" button on V-Preca's website.

  • ID and Password Input

    Input your ID and password to log into MyPage.

  • Menu Operation

    Access a variety of functions from MyPage Top Menu.


Click menu buttons 1-5 to display an explanation of their functions.


Input Code

Enter your code to issue V-Preca.

  • Input Code

    Go to 「コード入力 (Input Code)」and enter the issue code. Proceed to 「次へ (Next)」 and the SMS Verification / Phone Verification will begin.
    As soon as the verification is completed, V-Preca will be issued.

    Details about SMS Verification / Phone Verification here.

  • Select Card Design

    Choose your preferred card design.

  • Set Card Name

    Set your preferred card name.

    ※After checking the card information on the 「Check Card Information」 menu , you can use your V-Preca right away.

  • Add up Balance

    When adding up the balance from your existing V-Preca, select the card to add up.


Purchase V-Preca

  • Select Card Type

    Select card type (spending limit).

  • Select Card Design

    Choose your preferred card design.

  • Set Card Name

    Set your preferred card name.

  • Add Up Balance

    When adding up balance with an existing V-Preca card, select the card to add up..

  • Payment

    Select your payment method, and upon the completion of payment, the V-Preca will be issued.

    Payment by Credit Card

    Purchase can be made using the credit cards indicated by the logos to the right.


    After the confirmation screen, you will move to the card company's 3-D secure verification screen.
    Purchase is complete once verification is conducted.

    <About Identity Verification Service(3-D Secure)>
    Life Card Cardholders, please check here for details. If you are not a Life Card Cardholder, please contact your credit card company.

    Payment at Convenience Store

    Payment at Convenience Store is temporarily suspended.

    Payment through Internet Banking
    (SBI Sumishin Net Bank, The Japan Net Bank)

    Payments can be made through the following financial institutions.


Card Information

Check the card number, expiry date, and security code etc. necessary to use V-Preca.

  • Check

    V-Preca balance, Card information (card number, expiry date, security lock, nickname) etc. can be checked.
    When the cursor is placed over the masked area, the information for that area is displayed.

    ※This information can be copied and pasted.

    ※On some websites, you will be required to enter the cardholder's name. If required, enter the nickname you set.

    Notes regarding nicknames (notes on use)

  • V-Preca Statement of Use

    The V-Preca usage history can be checked here. It is updated in real time as V-Preca is used.

    ※Excludes items for which usage authorization is not conducted.

    ※The inquiry period can also be specified.

  • Security Lock

    When your V-Preca is not in use, you can apply the security lock to protect yourself against fraudulent use.
    Click the button to lock or unlock the card as needed.

    ※Please apply the security lock when your V-Preca is not in use.

    ※Please release the security lock when your V-Preca is to be used.
    A locked V-Preca cannot be used.

  • Reissuance

    The current card number can be invalidated and the number changed.
    Use this feature if you are concerned about the security of your number.
    Reissuing of the number is easily carried out by clicking the button.
    Verify the updated information from the card information screen after reissuing.

    ※After reissuing, the security code will also be changed along with the card number.

    ※The status of the original card becomes 'Reissued', and that card number can no longer be used.

  • Purchase history

    V-Preca purchased in the past can be checked on the V-Preca Purchase History Confirmation Screen.

  • Balance Add Up

    You can add up the balance from existing V-Preca cards on a single card.

    ※The maximum limit after the adding up is 100,000 yen.

    ※A maximum of 5 V-Preca cards can be selected for the add up.

    Press the "Balance Add Up" button on the top right of the card information screen. Select up to five V-Preca cards to add up.

    Choose the card name and card design of the new V-Preca.

    The balance will be added up and a new V-Preca issued.
    The card information (card number, expiry date, security code) will be renewed.

    If you have registered the card information while making purchases on a website, please update the information.


Registered Information

You can check and change the information of this menu on your right side.


  • Member information.

    You can view or change member information currently registered.
    To change registered information, enter your date of birth to be able to move to the editing screen.

    Member Information>E-mail Notification Settings

    E-mail Notification Service Settings, including e-mail newsletter setting can be carried out here.

  • Change login password

    You can change the current login password.

    ※For security reasons, please do not register the following passwords.

    ・Part of your date of birth, telephone number, name or address.

    ・Combinations of just one letter and one number (E.g. 1111aaaa, A2A2A2A2A2, etc.)

    ・Passwords already used on other sites.

  • Credit card information

    You can check currently registered credit card information, modify or register a new credit card.


V-Preca Gift Registration

By adding a V-Preca Gift to your V-Preca account, a whole range of services will become available.

  • Enter V-Preca Gift

    Enter your V-Preca Gift card number, expiry date, security code and set your preferred card name.
    Proceed to 「次へ (Next)」 and the SMS Verification / Phone Verification will begin.

    Details about SMS Verification / Phone Verification here.

    ※If you do not have an account yet, please sign up for an account first.

  • V-Preca Gift Registration Complete

    After the verification, the registration on the V-Preca account is complete. Please use the desired services from MyPage.

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