V-Preca Gift

V-Preca Gift User Guide

V-Preca Gift is a pre-paid visa card that you can use straight away without the need to Sign up for an account.They are available for purchase at places such as convenience store displays.You can use it in the same way as V-Preca!

※Can only be used for online shopping, not in retail stores.

What Is A V-Preca Gift?

  • Price 3,250 yen
    (3000 yen value)

    Price 5,290 yen
    (5,000 yen value)

    ※The card number printed on the front is only a dummy number.Please note that this is not a real card number.

    Participating retail outlets are as follows


How to Use a V-Preca Gift

For security reasons, your V-Preca Gift does not display the expiry date nor the security code.
In order to check the expiry date and security code, you will need the verification number and card number.

  • Purchasing

    V-Preca Gift is available for purchase at convenience store and retail stores displays. Remove the packaging and scratch off the back of the card.


    ※Anyone who has received V-Preca Gift as a present, can use it with the information printed on the card.

  • Access the site

    Verify V-Preca Gift card information using the QR code on the back of the card or by accessing V-Preca's website.

  • Enter details

    Agree to the V-Preca Gift terms of use, then enter the verification number and the last four digits of the card number.


    ※For those who have received a V-Preca Gift via email, enter the verification number and the last four digits of the card number, as indicated in the email.

  • Check Card Information

    You can check your V-Preca Gift card information.
    For those with a physical card, please fill in the expiry date and security code on the back of the card.

    ※For some products, the card number digits are replaced with an "※" for security reasons.


And now the card can be used just like a credit card at any online visa merchant!

※V-Preca Gift cards can be used on 3-D Secure websites after being registered on your V-Preca account.

  • Look for the "Visa" logo on websites

    Wherever there is the "Visa" logo, you can use V-Preca.
    Select the "by credit card" option for your payment method.

  • Enter Card Information

    Check your V-Preca Gift card details and enter the required information in the credit card transaction screen.
    The card number from your MyPage can be copied and pasted.

    V-Preca Site - Card Information, Online Shopping Site - Card Information Entry Screen
    V-Preca Site - Card Information, Online Shopping Site - Card Information Entry Screen


    ※The card number printed on the front of V-Preca Gift cards purchased at convenience store and other retail stores is a dummy number.
     For your actual card number, please refer to the back of the card or the card information screen in MyPage.

  • Transaction Completed

    Check the information about your completed transaction, and the procedure is complete.

    The statement of use can be checked from the card information screen on V-Preca's website.

    Transaction Completion Screen

Signing up for a V-Preca Account

Registering your V-Preca Gift on a V-Preca account allows you to access the followiong conveniet services.

◆Balance add Up For details of this service, please refer to
How to Use MyPage
◆Security Lock
◆Card Reissue
◆Change Nickname
◆Use the Email Service
◆Subscribe to Email Newsletter
◆Use 3-D Secure supported websites For details regarding 3-D Secure, refer to
About V-Preca
  • Sign up for an account

    Sign up for a V-Preca account.

    Sign up for an account here


    ※For those who already have an account, proceed to STEP 2


  • V-Preca Gift Registration

    Log into MyPage and on the Settings menu click on 「V-Preca Gift Registration」

  • Registration Complete

    Enter your V-Preca Gift card number, expiry date, security code and set your preferred card name.
    Proceed to 「次へ (Next)」 and the SMS Verification / Phone Verification will begin.

    Details about SMS Verification / Phone Verification here.
    ※If you do not have an account yet, please sign up for an account first.

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